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Elite Home makes it possible to compete with hotels by offering a lower price, and offering the possibility of having families or friends stay in the same property.

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About us..

Elite Home Group was born in 2019, founded and managed by Ilan Simah,  graduated of Vatel, international business school, hotel  & Tourism Management. 

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For the ninth consecutive time since 2019, we are rewarded by AIRBNB!

We are honored with the "Super Host" award, thanks to the highest ratings and reviews received from travelers, for our efforts to delight travelers.

      They appreciate our responsiveness, our sense of exceptional hospitality, a unique cleaning and perfect service that make Elite Home Group excellence in these areas.

Our welcoming properties make us a wonderful and trusted host for guests around the world.

      Since 2019, our properties have been number one on airbnb, and are the most viewed by travelers.

Our desire to offer the best during the stay continues to increase every day ! 

Our star clients... 

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